First aid kits are a vital addition to any medical cupboard whether it be in the workplace, at home or in the car. Check out this ultimate first aid kit contents checklist to make sure you are prepared for any incident.

Things to remember when preparing your kit:

1. Ensure your kit is clearly marked and easily identifiable
2. Make sure your first aid box is made of a material that protects from dust and moisture
3. Make certain important people, be it family members or key OHS staff know exactly where it is
4. Regularly audit against this first aid kit contents checklist and replace any used or out of date first aid supplies

First aid kit checklist:

1. Stationery

• First aid kit booklet
• A notepad and permanent marker

2. Creams, antiseptics and sterile items

• Cream for itches, bites and stings
• Antiseptic wipes
• Alcohol swabs
• Sterile saline tubes
• Sterile eye pad

3. Bandages and dressings

• Crepe bandages – have atleast two different widths
• Hypoallergenic skin tape
• Triangular bandages
• Gauze swabs
• Adhesive dressings: Band-Aids or plasters
• Combine dressing pads (10cm x10cm)
• Non stick dressing pads (7.5cm x 10cm)
• Cooling and compression bandage

4. Other important first aid box items

• Face shield for resuscitation
• Disposable gloves
• Stainless steel scissors
• Stainless steel tweezers/forceps
• Safety pins
• Thermal blanket (for patient in shock)


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