Frequently Asked Questions


How does CoolXChange work?
R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is a common first aid treatment for muscle strains and sprains, and may aid in quickening the recovery process. CoolXChange® advances R.I.C.E methodology by combining the cooling and compression stages, and is designed to provide a convenient and effective solution for pain relief.

What is CoolXChange used for?
CoolXChange assists in the prevention, management and recovery from muscle pain, swelling and inflammation by providing cooling and compression therapy in one simple step, helping you recover from muscle strains and sprains faster and more effectively. CoolXChange is ideal for all sports, including running, hiking and gym activities.

How do I use CoolXChange? 

  • Wrap CoolXChange gently around the injured area three times for greatest effectiveness
  • Adjust compression tension until comfortable, CoolXChange should not be worn too tight
  • To affix the end, hold it against bandage until it self-adheres. Do not cover bandage when applied to ensure effective evaporative cooling

What are the benefits of using CoolXChange over using Ice Packs?

  • CoolXChange does not need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer
  • CoolXChange is ready to use straight out of the packet
  • Provides cooling for up to 2 hours
  • Unlike Ice Packs, CoolXChange will not cause ice burns
  • Can be wrapped around the injury, meaning you will not have to be sitting down or stationary whilst using CoolXChange

Will CoolXChange leave a sticky residue?
CoolXChange will not leave a sticky residue and will not rip off any hairs.

Is there evidence to support the effectiveness of CoolXChange?
Yes, Victoria University conducted an independent study to compare the effects of CoolXChange to no intervention for recovery following exercise-induced muscle damage. Findings from the study found CoolXChange:

  • Reduced skin temperature by an average of 18% after 2 hours
  • CoolXChange participants had substantially lower levels of inflammation, 121% less versus participants with no intervention by day 14
  • Reduced deep muscle temperature (4cm below surface), by an average of 11% after 2 hours
  • CoolXChange participants had a 47% better muscle recovery rate (measured via peak torque) versus participants with no intervention at Day 7
  • Participants who wore CoolXChange felt substantially less fatigued 3 days after exercise versus participants with no intervention
  • Participants felt more physically ready for exercise 1, 7 and 14 days after exercise, versus participants with no intervention.

Once I use CoolXChange, how it is best stored?
Place used CoolXChange in the re-sealable pouch and seal tightly. If CoolXChange is dry add 15ml (3 teaspoons) of filtered water to bandage before placing in pouch. Allow 2-3 hours for gel re-hydration before re-use. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerator for additional cooling effect. Do not place in freezer. Do not wash. Discard used bandage when gel no longer re-hydrates.

Is CoolXChange suitable for younger children?
CoolXChange is suitable for anyone over the age of 5 years old.

What is the material content of CoolXChange? 
Purified water, Polyester, PVA, Spandex, Glycerol. Does not contain medications or menthols. Latex free.

How long is CoolXChange re-usable for?
CoolXChange once opened is re-usable for 6 months.

Can I use CoolXChange with an existing injury?
CoolXChange is for external use only. Do not apply on broken skin. Should an irritation occur of if pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice or consult a medical professional. Avoid contact with eyes or mouth and do not swallow.

Where can I purchase CoolXChange?
CoolXChange can be purchased online from the Official provider website at Alternatively CoolXChange can be purchased in person at one of our many stockists.

Does CoolXChange come in different sizes?
CoolXChange comes in regular or large size. The regular size CoolXChange is 1.2 metres in length, whilst the large size is 3 metres in length.

Would this be any good for post ACL surgery? 
Yes CoolXChange can be used to reduce swelling post ACL surgery, as long as it is not used on any open wounds.

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