Struggling to motivate yourself to get on that treadmill? Music might be the answer.

Disassociate your way to improved fitness

Listening to music while you exercise can assist you in working out for longer. Sure, it won’t help you get to the treadmill but studies have shown that putting your headphones in whilst cycling or running can decrease your perception of fatigue and effort by 12% meaning you can go for longer. Think of music as a welcomed distraction on your next run.

Associate your way to peak performance

Music can also help you improve your performance. Listening to music is a pleasurable activity and is believed to fire an emotional response in the brain which deals with long term memory. Listening to music can help you associate this pleasure with your exercise routine thereby elevating your performance. By their nature, motivational songs are songs which your brain and memory associate with peak performance (cue: Rocky theme song) so listening to them can help you take it up a notch.

When won’t music help?

When your body is working so hard to pump oxygen around your body that you can’t hold a conversation music won’t help says Dr Karageorghis of Brunel University. However, until this point, music can assist in influencing how you feel and inspiring you to continue.

So grab your headphones and get out there!

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