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Sore back: Ice or heat?

There is confusion as to when to use ice or heat for sore backs, in this article we get to grips with the best treatment to manage back injuries. What is cold therapy? Cold therapy or therapeutic ice therapy is the application of a cold compress to the site of an...

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Raising active kids: Tips for mums and dads

Helping children form healthy habits early in life can provide lifelong benefits. Physical activity encourages strong bones and muscles, cardiovascular health, improved coordination, better sleep, happiness and confidence in children. Now is the time to get the little...

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Beginners guide to hot and cold therapy

Ever wondered if you should ice your back injury or apply a heat pack? Or whether you should take a hot bath or apply a cold compress after strenuous activity? Hot and cold therapy are two common techniques utilised to treat injuries. Learn more about each technique...

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The first aid kit contents checklist

First aid kits are a vital addition to any medical cupboard whether it be in the workplace, at home or in the car. Check out this ultimate first aid kit contents checklist to make sure you are prepared for any incident. Things to remember when preparing your kit: 1....

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Three simple ways to promote wellness in the workplace

How much time do you think the average employee will spend at work? An estimation suggest an employee could spend between 1,300 and 2,200 hours at work each year (OpenIDEO, 2011), making work an integral part of our lives. So just how can we promote wellness at work?...

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